29 Inexpensive Small Business Ideas for Side Hustles

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Inexpensive Small Business Ideas

Looking for the perfect Inexpensive Small Business Idea to kickstart in 2024? Explore these side ventures you can start from home and turn into profit!

If you’re seeking small business ideas with minimal start-up costs that you can launch from home, you’ve come to the right place. And I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

Your Dreams Matter

Where do you see yourself in four years? Perhaps you dream of more freedom—to spend time with loved ones, work less, or be your own boss?

In today’s digital age, turning these dreams into reality is more achievable than ever. If you’re unsure where to start, don’t worry—I’ve been there too.

Whether you’re aiming to freelance or need side business ideas, I’ve got you covered!

Here are 30 great small business ideas you can launch from home without breaking the bank.

Best 29 Small Business Ideas to Launch

For these small business ideas, all you need is a laptop and internet. Just be ready to learn, work hard, and try new things.

Remember, taking action is key. So, stop reading and start doing, step by step.

1. Social Media Manager

Do you spend lots of time on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest? What if you could get paid for it? Many small businesses need help with their social media presence.

They want experts like you to create posts, interact with followers, and boost their brand.

As a social media manager, your job is to handle their accounts, engage with people, and make posts that match each brand’s style.

It’s all about turning followers into fans who love what the brand offers.

2. Start an E-commerce Store

In the thriving ecommerce world, where sales reach remarkable heights annually, you can join in by starting an online store without any upfront costs, using the dropshipping method.

This means listing products in your store, taking orders, and relying on third-party vendors to create and ship products to customers.

Platforms like Shopify and Oberlo make it easy to get started.

Print-on-demand services within dropshipping offer opportunities for artists and entrepreneurs to sell their designs on various products.

Success stories like FerrisBuilt show how creative passion can turn into a profitable online business, even during tough times.

3. Buying Ads for Clients

Starting an online store or blog is great, but it’s useless if people don’t see it. Businesses know this and spend billions on digital marketing worldwide.

You can grab a piece of this pie by running campaigns for them, like pay-per-click (PPC) Ads, Email Marketing, and Social Media Content.

Facebook is a hotspot for this, but many businesses struggle to reach their audience without paid ads.

Becoming a Facebook Ads expert can be lucrative, with top earners making over $300,000. You can start by learning from Facebook’s guide and online tutorials.

Google Ads is another big player, reaching billions of users daily. To manage ads for businesses, you’ll need to master keyword research and catchy ad copy, often requiring Google AdWords certification.

Freelancers in this field can earn around $90 an hour, while agencies can charge $100 to $200 an hour.

4. SEO Specialist

a clever tool businesses and bloggers use to boost their online visibility, especially on Google. SEO boils down to understanding the words people search for, so your website appears higher up in search results.

It’s a bit like learning the secret language of search engines! This field is always evolving, which is great because it means there’s a high demand for experts who can keep up with the changes.

If you’re eager to embark on your own SEO journey, it’s essential to delve into the inner workings of search engines like Google, familiarize yourself with helpful tools, and design a website that highlights your SEO skills.

Consider your website as your very own billboard in the vast landscape of SEO!

5. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is more than just a dreamy pursuit; it’s a lucrative business.

To begin, try different writing styles like features, ghostwriting, or copywriting.


  • involves creating persuasive content to attract customers and promote products or services for businesses.
  • It’s all about using words effectively to boost sales and enhance brand visibility.


  • is writing content on behalf of someone else who takes credit for it.
  • It’s a behind-the-scenes role where the writer remains anonymous while providing valuable content.

Build your portfolio on sites like Medium or Quora, then search for jobs on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.

Whether it’s articles, blogs, or sales content, businesses are always on the lookout for talented writers who can capture attention and boost sales.

6. Blogging

Becoming a successful freelance writer involves more than just writing for others—it’s about establishing your own platform, like a blog, where you can utilize various methods to make money.

Starting a blog opens up significant income opportunities, particularly through affiliate marketing, where you earn commissions by recommending products or services to your audience.

I’ve personally experienced this with my blog. Affiliate marketing has been a major source of revenue, bringing in over $1,000 per month within just the first few months of starting my blog.

However, aside from affiliate marketing, there are many other ways to monetize your blog, including advertising, selling physical products, offering online courses, and hosting sponsored content or webinars.

7. Remote Assistant

The virtual assistant industry is booming in the US, offering a wide range of services remotely, from scheduling appointments to managing websites.

With platforms like Fiver or Upwork, aspiring virtual assistants can find opportunities to kickstart their careers.

Virtual assistants play a crucial role in handling various tasks remotely, including:

  • booking appointments
  • managing travel arrangements
  • data entry
  • website management
  • content production
  • customer service

Their diverse skill set makes them invaluable assets to businesses and individuals seeking efficient support in managing their day-to-day operations.

8. Transcriber

If you’re good at typing fast, think about becoming a transcriptionist. It means listening to recordings and writing down what’s said.

You can work from home and find jobs transcribing meetings, speeches, and more. Just like how TED Talks have written versions, transcriptionists make those.

9. Web Developer

Web developers are essential in today’s digital landscape, as businesses rely heavily on their online presence for success.

These professionals build and maintain websites, ensuring they function smoothly and effectively.

They work with various programming languages and tools to create interactive and user-friendly web experiences.

If you’re skilled in coding and speak HTML, becoming a web developer could be a lucrative opportunity.

With the increasing demand for websites, businesses are seeking assistance in setting up and maintaining their online presence.

Whether you’re looking to learn or already have the skills, platforms like Udemy offer courses to get you started, while job platforms like Upwork provide opportunities to find freelance gigs.

10. Sell your Books

Believe it or not, Americans still buy a ton of books every year, even though some people thought bookstores were dying.

But here’s the surprise: while big bookstores might be struggling, smaller ones are actually doing pretty well.

Selling your own books online can actually make you money!

Traditional publishing is changing. It used to be hard to get a big publishing house to publish your book, and even if you did, you didn’t always make much money.

But now, self-publishing is the way to go. You have more control, and you can make more profits.

11. Graphic Design

Are you visually inclined? Many US small businesses hire freelance graphic designers, making it a lucrative field. With a burgeoning industry, you can assist businesses in branding from anywhere.

As a freelance graphic designer, you can create:

  • Logos
  • Infographics
  • Brochures and posters
  • Product packaging
  • Web design
  • Social media content

To start, master software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, then build a portfolio. Pitch your services to small businesses or explore online platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

You can also sell your artwork on platforms like Etsy for additional income.

12. Digital Products Creation

Selling digital products online isn’t just about eBooks. It includes things like social media graphics, templates for websites or resumes, audio content like sound effects, and printables such as meal planners or budget templates.

Selling digital products in your online store, much like dropshipping, involves no inventory investment, making it a top low-cost business idea.

For instance, take the story of Cinnamon, who, after creating handmade doll clothing that garnered attention, began selling patterns for doll clothing online with her husband.

13. Online Courses

The e-learning industry is booming, with projections showing significant growth.

Forbes highlights this trend, suggesting that there’s never been a better time to tap into the e-learning market, calling it a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs to create their own online courses.

Consider sharing your expertise by creating and selling online courses in popular categories like cooking, marketing, languages, photography, and more.

While you can sell courses directly through your own website or platforms like Udemy, leveraging course marketplaces such as Coursera can help you reach a wider audience of potential learners.

You can tap into the growing trend of online teaching, even if you’re not ready to create your own course.

Teaching online to kids is a lucrative opportunity that requires only an internet connection and a laptop.

Platforms like Outschool allow you to teach a variety of subjects, from traditional ones like English and math to fun classes like cooking or acting, with teachers earning an average of $35 per teaching hour.

With no upfront costs to list your classes, you have control over pricing and class size, with Outschool taking 30% of earnings for support services and payments made via PayPal.

14. Photographer

Photography offers an exciting avenue for building a thriving lifestyle business, with opportunities ranging from weddings to corporate events and even niche specialties like food photography.

To get started, aspiring photographers should first decide on their preferred niche, whether it’s wedding, portrait, food, destination, or stock photography.

By building a strong portfolio and leveraging online platforms like Instagram, networking with industry professionals, and exploring stock photo websites, photographers can turn their passion into a profitable venture.

With endless possibilities in the field of photography, the key lies in finding your niche and showcasing your unique style and skills to attract clients and opportunities.

15. Reselling Items

Starting a home business with little money is doable and exciting.

Begin by signing up on platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy, or even make your own online store. Then, search for cool stuff to sell at flea markets, thrift shops, or garage sales, looking for things that stand out.

Take awesome pictures of your finds and make listings that catch people’s eyes. Don’t be afraid to bargain for good prices.

Grow your business by trying new products and ways to sell, and see where it takes you!

16. Coaching Online

People everywhere seek guidance to achieve their goals, making online coaching a valuable opportunity to assist them.

The most rewarding aspect of being an online coach is helping others achieve their dreams.

You can coach in various areas such as life, business, parenting, relationships, speaking, health, career, or spirituality.

To start finding clients, reflect on where you’ve already helped others and leverage your existing networks.

Then, establish a website with testimonials and promote it on social media to broaden your reach.

17. Food Side Hustle

Some people start small businesses for different reasons: to have freedom, earn extra money, or follow their passions.

If you love food, you can turn that into a business. Maybe you make great jam or cakes that people love. You can sell them online.

If you’re a good cook, you could cater events or cook meals for busy families. If you’re creative in the kitchen, you could make unique dishes.

You could also share your recipes on a food blog or teach cooking classes online. There are lots of tasty possibilities!

18. Pet Business

Did you know that nearly half of households in the US have a furry companion? That’s almost 90 million dogs and over 90 million cats!

Americans adore their pets so much that they spend a ton of money on them every year. Now, how can you turn your love for pets into a paycheck?

You could offer pet grooming or pet photography services. Yup, you can get paid to pamper pets or capture their adorable moments!

To get started, you can advertise your services on social media or put up flyers in your neighborhood. Or, you could even partner with local pet stores or veterinarians.

Alternatively, why not create your own line of pet accessories like cute collars, toys, or even personalized pet beds? People love spoiling their pets, and they’re always looking for unique and stylish products.

So, if you’re passionate about pets, there are plenty of opportunities to turn that love into a thriving business!

19. Uber and Lyft

Not everyone likes working online, right? Let’s talk about some small business ideas you can do in the real world.

Are you someone who enjoys meeting different people from all walks of life? Being an Uber or Lyft driver might be perfect for you. It’s like being a modern-day bartender, hearing people’s stories in short rides.

To start, make sure you meet the requirements and have a suitable car. Don’t have one? No problem! Both Uber and Lyft can help you rent a car at a discount.

Once you’re ready, just download the app and start driving. Many drivers start earning money within a week!

The best part? You get to choose when you work.

20. Fitness

Are you passionate about helping others lead healthier and happier lives?

Consider becoming a wellness coach or fitness instructor, both roles are increasingly conducted online.

Take inspiration from Rachel Brathen, known as Yoga Girl, who founded the online wellness platform oneOeight.com. She’s now a New York Times best-selling author and a prominent figure in the yoga community.

If coaching isn’t your style, how about starting a fitness blog or developing an online fitness course?

Look at Sarah, for instance. During her pregnancy, she left her desk job to focus on her blog, Easy Living Today, helping moms with fitness and mental health.

So, whether it’s coaching, blogging, or creating courses, there are numerous ways to make a positive impact on people’s well-being from the comfort of your own home.

21. Travel Planner

Now that the world is slowly recovering from the pandemic, the travel bug is back stronger than ever.

If you’re passionate about the travel lifestyle, now is the perfect time to kickstart your own travel planning business!

So, how do you become a travel planner?

Start by exploring travel deal sites like Expedia and Kayak. These platforms offer great deals that you can use to create customized travel packages for your clients. Get creative with packages tailored for romantic getaways, family vacations, or even corporate retreats.

Once you’ve crafted your packages, sell them through platforms like Expedia, Airbnb, and Travelocity.

Consider joining travel agent networks like ASTA, which can provide you with valuable tools and connections to jumpstart your business.

22. Cleaner

I understand, that not everyone enjoys cleaning. But did you know, you can actually get paid for it?

Starting a cleaning service is a fantastic small business idea. You can earn around $20-50 per hour, and if you clean larger spaces like factories or warehouses, you could make even more!

So, how do you find your first cleaning clients?

Start by advertising your services in local community groups on Facebook. You can also sign up on websites like TaskRabbit, where people look for cleaners in their area.

23. Event Planner

Do you find yourself organizing family trips, outings with friends, or even birthday celebrations?

Well, guess what? That’s a valuable skill that people are willing to pay for!

The event planning industry has boomed in recent years, with billions of dollars spent globally.

Think about all the different events that need planning:

  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Business conferences
  • Product launches

And the best part? Event planning can be a lucrative gig whether you do it part-time or full-time.

Part-time planners handling a few events a year can easily make $5,000-$10,000, while full-timers can rake in $75,000-$200,000 or even more!

24. Offer Child Care

In today’s world, more parents need childcare, but there aren’t enough places for their kids. If you love working with children and have the right qualifications, starting a childcare business could be a great idea.

Parents want reliable childcare they can trust while they’re at work. So, if you create a safe and nurturing environment for kids, you’ll be in high demand.

Starting a childcare business means following rules and getting the right licenses. You’ll need to make sure everything is safe and up to standard to reassure parents.

It’s also important to create fun activities for kids that help them learn and grow. Building good relationships with parents is key too.

To succeed, keep learning about childcare and stay updated on what’s new. Even though it’s hard work, running a childcare business can be very rewarding.

You get to help children grow and support families in your community.

25. Consultant

If you have specialized skills or in-depth knowledge in a particular field, starting a consultancy can be a smart way to leverage your expertise for profit.

For example, if you have a background in human resources, you could offer consultancy services to companies seeking to streamline their hiring processes, improve employee retention, or develop effective training programs.

Similarly, if you’re well-versed in digital marketing and SEO strategies, you could start a consultancy to help businesses optimize their online presence, increase website traffic, and improve search engine rankings.

Consultancy services can range from providing strategic advice and developing customized solutions to offering hands-on training and implementation support.

By offering valuable insights and practical guidance, you can help businesses overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and ultimately, succeed in their respective industries.

26. Start your Online Coffe Shop

Selling coffee can be a profitable endeavor with the right branding and marketing.

Despite competition, the multi-billion-dollar industry offers numerous benefits.

With a high volume of customers and the perception of small brands as offering quality, there are ample opportunities for positioning.

Plus, since coffee is already in demand, your focus is on making customers choose your product.

27. Personal Chef

If you have a passion for cooking and frequently find yourself hosting delightful dinner parties for friends and family, starting a personal chef business could be an exciting opportunity for you.

By turning your culinary skills into a business venture, you can share your love for food with others while also earning an income.

Starting small is often the key to success in this field. Begin by offering your services to cook meals for neighbors’ dinner parties or small gatherings.

This allows you to gain valuable experience, build a network of satisfied clients, and generate word-of-mouth referrals.

As you establish your presence in the community, consider expanding your offerings to include downloadable menus and personalized multicourse meal plans.

This not only adds value to your services but also provides convenience for your clients who may be looking for meal solutions tailored to their preferences and dietary needs.

28. Sell your Voice

If you have a captivating voice like Morgan Freeman’s, consider becoming a voiceover artist. With the rise of video content, opportunities abound in various fields, from commercials to audiobooks.

Create a professional portfolio showcasing your versatility and set up a website to attract clients.

Networking and ongoing training are key to staying competitive in this dynamic industry.

29. Sell your Skills

If you’re the go-to person in your circle for household repairs and improvements, you’re sitting on a goldmine. The home repair and improvement industry is massive, valued at around $570 billion.

Whether it’s unclogging drains, painting walls, or renovating kitchens, there’s a wide range of services you can offer as a handyman or home maintenance specialist. With your skills, you can address a variety of issues homeowners face, from small repairs to major renovations.

Starting your own handyman business allows you to capitalize on your expertise and turn your passion for fixing things into a lucrative career. Plus, in a world where DIY projects are on the rise, there’s no shortage of demand for skilled professionals who can get the job done right.

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